Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoom zoom Zumba

I recently started taking a Zumba class at the college with my friend Julie. She asked Devin if I would want to take it with her, and somehow I convinced myself to do it, though I was pretty hesitant. In my mind, exercising is the last way I want to spend my free time. I figured that 2 hours a week wouldn't be as intense a commitment, and it would probably do me some good to get up and move instead of crashing on the couch or in bed when I get home.

Night one: Last Thursday was the first meeting, as Monday was a snowstorm. Three of the girls had either taken the class last semester or were previously familiar with the dance. The other seven or eight of us were newbies. Perfect! I'm not the only one who is going to suck at this!

It was great because the instructor thoroughly demonstrated the moves before the song and let us practice them with her. Aside from all the hip circles, which my body will never be able to accomplish, and one really really fast Shakira song accented with insane moves (yeah, it's Shakira...seriously?), I actually enjoyed the experience.

Did I mention the instructor is pretty cool? No? Well, she is. She's silly and fun instead of a drill instructor that makes you perfect everything right away. I was pretty comfortable and excited to work my way up to not having to watch her every move.

Night two: Monday is just never a day to expect good things. Instead of a repeat of last week, we immediately started in on a NEW song with NEW moves that we weren't shown. Oh, but the five new Zumba veterans from last semester who decided to attend were just blasting them out like mad. A few of us in the back were like, um, when did we graduate to level 10?

It ended up being ok, since I could pick up most of the moves...after the third or fourth screw up. But some I couldn't pick up through the entire song. *sigh*

This time the instructor even brought a bag of hip wraps decorated with noisy metals and wrist bells for us to wear if we wanted. (Like I would draw more attention to my already out-of-sync movements...) We all looked at her, smile sheepishly and silently ignored her offer. I think she was a little surprised because she told us that when she does the class at the hospital, all the ladies come early to fight over and claim the flashy garments.

I was reconsidering this quest to enjoy an exercise activity throughout most of the hour. I was frustrated that I had to spend so much time watching the instructor and thinking about every move instead of working up a sweat and wearing a smile. A girl I work with at the college, who is a Zumba veteran, reassured me that there are still some moves that she can't and will never be able to do and that I shouldn't let it discourage me. I guess if anything, I can pedal on the bike for 30 minutes the next day to make myself feel better.

So, I will return this Thursday (without bells on) for another attempt at confidently making it through an easy song. I keep telling myself that as long as I'm moving, I'm doing something, whether it looks spicy or not. And the flavor is definitely dull. Damn you, hip circles.

Here's to taking a free exercise class and making use of my two left feet. *cheers*


  1. And look how far we made it in Zumba! In my opinion, we kicked butt... after some time, of course.

  2. I'm so glad you got me to do it. Aside from the hip circles, it was a blast!

    And, yeah, we did kick butt :)