Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoom zoom Zumba

I recently started taking a Zumba class at the college with my friend Julie. She asked Devin if I would want to take it with her, and somehow I convinced myself to do it, though I was pretty hesitant. In my mind, exercising is the last way I want to spend my free time. I figured that 2 hours a week wouldn't be as intense a commitment, and it would probably do me some good to get up and move instead of crashing on the couch or in bed when I get home.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Motto: "Taste worth Dying For"

I know I'm not in shape. I don't think I ever was, even when I was active in sports and working on the farm. My diet could definitely stand to be improved and my lifestyle, healthier and less stressful.

The other night, I came across a news program while I was bumming with the cat. Looking more into the subject today, I have found a more indepth story from 2008 and wonder why this restaurant is still in business. The Heart Attack Grill from Arizona boasts its food is "taste...worth dying for!" And looking at the menu and the consumers who frequent the joint, it's obvious that some people have zero regard for their health.