Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Motto: "Taste worth Dying For"

I know I'm not in shape. I don't think I ever was, even when I was active in sports and working on the farm. My diet could definitely stand to be improved and my lifestyle, healthier and less stressful.

The other night, I came across a news program while I was bumming with the cat. Looking more into the subject today, I have found a more indepth story from 2008 and wonder why this restaurant is still in business. The Heart Attack Grill from Arizona boasts its food is "taste...worth dying for!" And looking at the menu and the consumers who frequent the joint, it's obvious that some people have zero regard for their health.

Who's the target? Well, if you're over 350 pounds, you eat for free. Lucky you.

The so-called diet options consist of burgers and fries, specifically the Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Bypass burgers and Flatliner Fries. The Quadruple Bypass is an outrageous 8,000 calories! And the fries are cooked in lard. In case your arteries aren't clogged just thinking about that, don't forget about dessert. Let's wash that all down with a butterfat milkshake. Ahh, that hits the spot.

Waitresses are dressed like naughty nurses, and customers are given the option to don hospital gowns. The restaurant owner, who sports a white doctor's coat on the job, admits the food is unhealthy but says that it's all about the flavor because people aren't interested in health food.

Oh yeah? Since when?

Yes, healthier alternatives are often more expensive, and, I admit, a bowl of ice cream will often trump an apple. But where is the common sense in all of this? One regular, despite having had cardiac surgery and having been in a coma for three months, still enjoys all the Quadruple Bypass has to offer.

There's even Heart Attack Grill merchandise if you haven't had your fill.

Yes, please. I would like to remember this experience, in case I don't live long enough to return. Disgusting.

I no longer feel guilty for occasionally craving that bowl of ice cream, but extra fresh fruits and veggies are looking much better.

Here's to you, connoisseurs of cardio catastrophes, for allowing the general public to continually lower the standards of health. I toast to you with a bowl of carrot sticks and a big 'ol glass of ice water. *Cheers*

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