Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Entering the 'Danger Zone' armed with a camera, mini DV tape and a wheelchair

The 4th floor of Humanities is where I spent the majority of my college career, often for nearly 24 hours at a time. I did about everything at the newspaper for five years and did radio for four. When began to dabble in video production, I experienced a whole new realm of 4th floor antics.

When an assignment was given, we all had our ideas, but it was up to the members of the 4th floor family to help us execute our PSA, music video or movie. And of course we listened to Prof. Maureen and made mental notes of her shooting tips and techniques.
This video I'm posting was from my senior year. The assignment was a PSA, and since I was a tutor, I wanted to do mine on the Learning Center/Peer Tutor program. Denny was to be my struggling student. The PSA opened with him frustrated and freaking out over not understanding material in a book and ended with him removing his cap and slamming the book shut. While this was going on, Rick was pulling me, the cameraperson, in a wheel chair around the table to make the shot completely revolve around Denny. Cool image? Maybe?
Well, anyway, we got sidetracked with having a wheelchair on the 4th floor. Normally, office chair races down the halls are a blast. But a wheel chair, an elevator and a large epidemic of ADD led to an event that really ticked off the custodian the next day.
Eh, we're all graduated, and the professor and class thought it was hilarious. What are they going to do? Put a hold on our account? Ha! Enjoy. *Cheers*
Crouching Rick, Hidden Danger (pretty frickin' sweet)

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