Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A good friend and a glass (or three) of wine

Monday night Devin came home and asked if I was ready to go out. It's not a common question lately because Devin has been cooking again, and it's all pretty healthy to complement our gym routines. Well, I wouldn't call my on-again-off-again appearances a routine, but I'm making a half-hearted effort, so I deserve points for that.

Brix wine bistro |
And wine, apparently! Yes, I was excited. Brix, the wine store not far from our place, has half-priced (thankfully) wine in its bistro on Mondays, so Devin thought it was time to check it out. They give you a card to insert into the wine serving system, you push a button to choose a one-ounce, two-ounce or a glass pour and the controlled portion streams into your glass. The price is added to the card as a tab, and you pay before you leave. And they have a ton of red and white options from which to choose.

So, we had a few samples; perused the wine, cheese and liquor selection in the store area; and had a pretty nice evening, glass in hand.

We ended up returning home with a couple bottles of wine, some meat and several cheeses (including an aged Gouda and some Parmigiano-Reggiano Devin previously bought for me because he's awesome) and enjoyed some episodes of Friends. Good night.

Parmigiano-Reggiano. What a gift. What a guy.
Here's to taking time out of the schedule to enjoy life, live a little. *Cheers*

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