Sunday, November 27, 2011

The four-day weekend (part one)

The holiday was pretty low-key this year. Since our families' get-togethers were both scheduled on the same day, we decided driving a half hour to my family in Lincoln was more appealing than a two-hour drive to Carroll. It's so hard to split time with each family anyway, and we also wanted to have some time to do our own things around the apartment.

Noon dinner in Lincoln turned into an all-day affair of foosball (Devin would want me to tell you he was undefeated), ping pong and darts. I got a piece of Grandpa's cherry pie that I had been craving all week. He grows the cherries, picks and pits them himself and creates awesomeness. The only thing he doesn't mess with is the pie crust. So much easier to let the Pillsbury Doughboy handle that. Grandpa would probably say that taking the time to roll out his own pie crust is "hooey." We also got to watch my uncle feed his bees, which was an interesting experience.

Uncle Joel gearing up.
Hungry, bees?
Cousins Brandon and Nathan helping their dad. 
The fam finally got my cousin Tim and me to actually sit and learn how to play pitch after we've resisted for probably more than ten years. Many of us also consumed massive amounts of beer and wine (nine bottles!), which is a lot when four of the thirteen people present never had a drop.

The jug on the left is Joel's wine that wasn't quite ready to drink. Too bad...
It was a great day, and Devin and I got home just as my crazy aunts were leaving Kohl's after a quick Black Friday frenzy.

We had a little turkey, a little pie and a lot of wine, but that wasn't all that was on our Thanksgiving weekend menu. Prepare for pictures. Would you really expect anything less?


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