Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where did 2011 go?

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." -Einstein

It's already June. Yep.

So much has taken place in the first half of 2011. In January I actually stayed up past midnight to ring in the new year with Devin (he didn't think I could do it), and just a few days later we celebrated our fourth year together.

February was an exciting month because Dan and Karen were finally able to come with us to Des Moines for some vanilla cream ale at the Raccoon River Brewery. That trip somehow turned into our surprise engagement (well, a surprise for me) and one of the greatest nights spent with friends. We then celebrated with margaritas and high end tequila at another amazing bar downtown.

Engagement photo by Dan Spray; ring photo (and purchase) by Devin Bethune

We really started looking for jobs and a place to live in March because after Devin graduated, we were moving to Omaha. Job hunting is exhausting. That process unfortunately continued into April. But thankfully apartment hunting was easy. We secured our place with the most amazing kitchen, layout and view at the end of the month. The end of April was also significant in that I had the most amazing job interview and landed the print quality assurance coordinator position at The Knot.

May was bittersweet for me because I left some amazing co-workers at Wayne State College and the Wisner News-Chronicle. And I got to photograph my last WSC commencement outside in the Willow Bowl, where I had graduated two years earlier. Devin was pretty excited to be done with school and started moving everything down to Omaha. We're now settled in for the most part and have had many visitors.

That brings us to June. Unfortunately with all the happenings we haven't been able to participate in a lot of the cycling activities that are in full-swing. This past weekend, however, Devin and I were able to shoot photos of the Norfolk Classic/State races for our Northeast Nebraska cycling friends and wonderful EVCC teammates.

Today, June 9, marks one month since I started at The Knot. I'm absolutely loving it, and life is finally starting to fall into place. I'm not planning a wedding or anything, but I sort of get to take in ideas every day while I proofread bridal magazines. (I swear I didn't plan that, contrary to popular belief.)

At first it seemed like it was all happening at once. Thankfully it didn't. Life wouldn't be near as amazing and rewarding.

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