Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sniffing out some shots

I really don’t get along well with any season. In the spring, the budding plants make me sneeze. In summer it’s usually hot and buggy…and the extreme grass mowing activities make me sneeze. Autumn is by far the worst because, well, falling leaves irritate my little nose. And after this year, don’t even get me started on the weather and the host of health issues I experience in winter, mostly because of real Christmas trees brought indoors.

In an attempt to make peace with the inevitable, I take photos of the seasonal sights. It’s part of my job to photograph the college’s grounds and buildings throughout the seasons for brochures, posters, online use and historical purposes, and I consider that my favorite part.

Who wouldn’t like getting out of an office to walk around and take photos?

I have determined that summer is by far my favorite season on the Wayne State College campus, and sadly, most people miss out. Just as people start to clear out of the dorms at the end of the spring semester, the grass gets a little greener and the trees begin to fill out. Then bring on the squirrels, rabbits, butterflies and bees. I’m not a fan of bees, but apparently I think I’m somehow safer observing them behind a camera.

The grounds crew does an amazing job of planting flowers that bloom, then die, only to disappear as new flowering plants fill in to take their place. They make it look so flawless, and it keeps the campus bright.

The one area that catches my attention the most is the fountain in the WEOPA plaza on the west side of campus, near the main entrance. It’s not just because I like fountains. It was donated to the school by the class of 1920 and has all kinds of historical charm. And it is, of course, surrounded by countless flowers, grasses and beautiful landscaping efforts.

Here are links to last summer’s photos: http://www.wsc.edu/alumni/news/galleries/09_fountain/

And here are shots from earlier this month:

If you’d like to see more, go to: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2040473&id=186700991&l=bf6774031c

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